Grown-Ups Reading Ch
Grown-Ups Reading Children’s Books
CSCL McLaughlin Room

Thursday, Oct. 21, 7:00-8:00
Join one of CSCL's newest book clubs - Grown-Ups Reading Children's Books! It may seem strange, but picture books inspire interesting and enriching conversations! Here are a few other reasons why this is a great book club for you:
  1. Picture books and other children's books are short! So if you're scraping for time, this is the book club for you!
  2. "The best children’s fiction helps us refind things we may not even know we have lost, taking us back to a time when new discoveries came daily and when the world was colossal, before the imagination was trimmed and neatened…" a great quote and reason from Katherine Rundell.
  3. Picture books are like pieces of art!
  4. Children's books can be sweet, moving, sad, funny, whimsical or dark.
  5. You'll never feel like you just don't 'get' the book!
  6. We'll meet in person (remember F2F meetings?) in our beautiful Reading Room (with couches and a fireplace!)
Join us for our 2nd meeting on Thursday, October 21st at 7 PM! We'll meet the 3rd Thursday (mostly) of the month. I promise it'll be super fun and engaging! Stop by the library to pick up your books (usually a selection of 4 titles, depending on the length). This month, we're reading:
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