Nutmeg Teen Book Dis
Nutmeg Teen Book Discussion - Lily & Duncan
Canton Public Library

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 3:00 PM
or call --860-693-5800.
At this meeting teens will discuss Lily and Duncan, by Donna Gephart. The plot: “Born a boy, 13-year-old Tim knows he is really a girl named Lily. And then there is her new friend Norbert, whom she has nicknamed Dunkin (acknowledging his passion for Dunkin Donuts). Dunkin has a secret, too: he is bipolar. Though not ready to make her transition public, Lily bravely begins to make gestures in that direction: painting her fingernails, wearing lipstick, and so on; all this despite the bullying she receives from the boys she dubs ‘the Neanderthals.’ Meanwhile, Dunkin has made their middle-school basketball team and, to ensure he has the energy to play, goes off his meds. The two young teens tell their increasingly compelling stories in alternating first-person chapters. Though both stories are emotionally powerful, Dunkin's comes perilously close to eclipsing Lily's, but nevertheless both characters are irresistibly appealing, and Gephart beautifully manages their evolution. Though in less skillful hands this might have turned into a problem novel, it is, instead, a thoughtfully and sensitively written work of character-driven fiction that dramatically addresses two important subjects that deserve more widespread attention (Booklist).” The Nutmeg get-together is a perfect choice for students in Grades 6-8 who want to read their way through the 2019 Award Nominees, from now through the next school year. Pick up book copies at the library, then read the book before attending the discussion. Registration required, either online on the Upcoming Programs listing, or by phone; free. Canton Public Library is at 40 Dyer Avenue, Canton. For information or to register: call (860) 693-5800, email,, or visit 

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