Science/STEM Book Di
Science/STEM Book Discussion Series
Canton Public Library

Saturday, Oct. 20, 11:00 AM
“Science/STEM Book Discussion Series,” considers the book, Beyond the Blue Horizon: How the Earliest Mariners Unlocked the Secrets of the Oceans, by archaeologist and historian Brian Fagan. “What drove humans to risk their lives on open water? How did early sailors unlock the secrets of winds, tides, and the stars they steered by? What were the earliest ocean crossings like? With compelling detail, Fagan reveals how seafaring evolved so that the realms of the sea gods were transformed from forbidding barriers into highways that linked far-flung societies. From bamboo rafts in the Java Sea to triremes in the Aegean, from Norse longboats to sealskin kayaks in Alaska, Fagan crafts a captivating narrative of humanity's urge to challenge the unknown and seek out distant shores (”. All adults are welcome; free. Book copies available at Circulation Desk. Light refreshments served. Call or email for more information:  (860) 693-5800,, or visit

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