Saturday Book Conver
Saturday Book Conversations
Canton Public Library

Saturday, May 26, 1:00 PM
“Saturday Book Conversations,” at Canton Public Library, reads What’s Bred in the Bone, by Canadian author, Robertson Davies. The novel is part of the “Cornish Trilogy” that takes as its hub the death of an eccentric art dealer and collector, Frank Cornish. This book begins with describing Cornish’s upbringing and education, and segues through his wartime and post-war experiences with a group similar to the ”Monuments Men” which restored, protected and untangled the provenance and ownership of orphan fine art. Through happenstance during his studies at Oxford, he ends up working for an art restorer and secret forger who leads him into that world. The intriguing device Davies employs is in using two supernatural beings, a daemon and a recording angel, to “roll the film” of Cornish’s life and examine his true actions and motivations. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Light refreshments served. Call or email for more information:  (860) 693-5800,, or visit Canton Public Library is at 40 Dyer Avenue, Canton.

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