Westwood Free Public Library
Ticks and Lyme Disea
Ticks and Lyme Disease: What to Know to Keep You Safe (Upstairs Main Area)
Westwood Public Library

Saturday, May 14, 2pm
Join us for a presentation by Dr. Alvaro Toledo from Rutgers University about ticks and Lyme disease. Dr. Toledo is an Assistant Professor of Entomology and a Researcher in the Rutgers University Center for Vector Biology. His presentation will cover the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease, as well as other useful information about Deer ticks (aka Blacklegged ticks, Ixodes scapularis). Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States, far more common than any mosquito-borne diseases here. Recent studies endorsed by the CDC estimate that around 476,000 Americans catch the disease every year and many cases go untreated. Please attend Dr. Toledo's presentation to learn what you need to know to keep you and your family members safe. After the presentation, Dr. Toledo will take questions from the public. 
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