Westwood Free Public Library
Holiday Themed Snack
Holiday Themed Snacks on WebEx (Gr K-2)

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Learn to make two easy, healthy Holiday themed snacks with Registered Dietician, Miss Jaclyn of Shoprite.  Please see the the ingredients list here:  Celery Reindeer -  *1 bunch celery, cauliflower pretzels or regular mini pretzels, sun butter (sunflower seed butter) or peanut butter, 1 pk raspberries,*  white icing or yogurt of your choice,  mini chocolate chip;  Holiday Wreath - *Celery (you could use diced apples too!),  *raspberries,  cheese of choice to cut into ribbon shape (can use daiya slices for dairy alternative) and 2 carrots.

*starred items are repeats for each recipe!
Materials needed:
Cutting Board
Kids-safe knifes or plastic knives
Sponsored by Shoprite.
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