Westwood Free Public Library
"Fail & Get Up & Never Give Up" by Desi Tahiraj (a NhN Presentation)

Thursday, Dec. 3, 7pm

Are you a high achiever suddenly realizing what worked to get you where you are ISN’T working anymore?  Maybe you’re finding it harder and harder to face each workday. You used to find your work challenging and exciting… but now, the long hours of problems YOU have to solve, concerns YOU have to address, and fires YOU have to put out are wearing you down. 


In this interactive webinar, Desi Tahiraj will share six key strategies that will help you to move beyond burnout to start looking in your blind spots. You’ll make a new map you can follow to higher levels of satisfaction and productivity by using a unique blend of scientific research, centuries-old spiritual wisdom, and deep compassion for what makes us individuals showing you how to turn your limitations into strengths.




Desi Tahiraj is an executive and expert in burnout and productivity, success principles trainer, business consultant, HR professional and international speaker. As a dynamic, results-driven leader, Desi has developed a deep understanding of what causes high achievers to burnout and has established a methodology to help people avoid it. Desi coaches and trains her clients on many skills, especially reverse burnout, managing conflict and change, creating a high-performance culture through success principles training, team building, and leadership development.  

The Author of the book “Fail & Get UP & Never Give Up – The Power of Transformation”, Desi is active on social media including her website (www.DesiTahiraj.com), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. She is the recipient of Top Transformation Coach of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) and Marquis Who’s Who for her Lifetime Achievement Award.

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