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Deer Overpopulation Forum (hybrid)

Wednesday, May 31, 7-8:45 pm
or call 201-670-5600.
The consequences of deer overpopulation in NJ are obvious: collisions between deer and drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians; deforestation; chronic wasting disease affecting deer; lyme disease in people and animals; heavy farming losses, and other negative effects.

Our panelists will share their expertise in animal management, entomology, and human health. Please bring your questions and/or type them below.

Dawn Cetrulo, Director, Village of Ridgewood Health Department
Matthew Bickerton, Entomologist, Bergen County Office Of Environmental Health
Carol Tyler, Animal Control Officer, Tyco Animal Control Services (services Ridgewood)

Moderator: Pam Perron, Village of Ridgewood Deputy Mayor

Presented by the Village of Ridgewood, Green Ridgewood, and Ridgewood Public Library.

More information: Larissa Brookes, (201) 670-5600, x137.

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