A Home Divided: The
A Home Divided: The Hermitage during the American Civil War

Monday, Apr. 12, 7:00pm
While the battlefields of the American Civil War never reached Northern New Jersey, it was a grim and turbulent time for the Rosencrantz family at the Hermitage. As Northern "peace" Democrats with a deep entanglement with enslavement, the Rosencrantz family was caught between both sides of the Civil War. It was a time marked by deep family division, economic hardship, and personal reckoning. Drawing from the personal accounts of the Rosencrantz family spread between Virginia, Philadelphia, and Bergen County, this presentation explores the varied experiences of a local New Jersey family during an era that defined not only the nation, but the Hermitage as well. 
Guest speaker:  Victoria Harty
Presentation from 7-8:30pm
Questions? Contact Sarah Kiefer at 201-670-5600 x135 or skiefer@ridgewoodlibrary.org
Sponsored by The Hermitage.

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