Clermont Co. Public Library
F E A T U R E D   E V E N T
Jim Gills Family Concert at the Union Twp. Library!
Union Twp. Branch
Friday, Sep. 26, 6-7 p.m.
Register Online or call (513)528-1744.

Join us for a special family concert with Jim Gill at the library. Mr. Gill has a unique approach to his concerts for young children and families. This is because his graduate studies in child development have convinced him that family play is more important to young children than music alone.

Each of Jim’s concerts is an active sing-along and clap-along. He bangs out energetic rhythms on his banjo while everyone claps, jumps, dances and even sneezes along. The concert is filled, of course, with songs and stories from Jim’s award-winning recordings and books for young children.

Jim’s true art is to create a joyful musical experience for children and parents together. He is a nationally acclaimed author and musician. Over the years his recordings and books have received five separate awards from the American Library Association.

For more information or to receive a reminder call before the concert, call the library at 528-1744. Or register online to receive a reminder email.