South River Public Library
Hudson Shakespeare Co: Spanish Tragedy
55 Appleby Ave.

Thursday, Oct. 25, 7:00pm
Registration required, begins Sep 20.
The Hudson Shakespeare Company returns to delight us The Spanish Tragedy!

Spain and Portugal have come to a bitter end to their war. Don Andrea, a soldier slain in war, is sent to the underworld. There he meets the spirit of Revenge who agrees to help him get revenge on being wrongfully slain in war.  Thus begins a tale of murder and death: in order to solidify the peace between Portugal and Spain, the Spanish prince Lorenzo hopes to marry his sister, Bell-Imperia, off to the Portuguese prince Balthazaar.  However, she has other plans. She loves Horatio. Lorenzo and Balthazaar hatch a plan to murder the unsuspecting Horatio and hang him in a tree.  Horatio's father Hieronimo finds his murdered son and vows revenge - but he must first find out who the murderers are.  Thus begins his dissent into madness and murder, until Bell-Imperia reveals the truth of Horatio's death and makes a pack with Hieronimo to get revenge.  How will all of this play out in this dark tale of murder, revenge, passion and love?  You'll have to find out in this dark tale which is perfect for the Halloween season 
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