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Elder Abuse Workshop
Main Library

Monday, Sep. 16, 6:00pm
or call 518-274-7071.

Unfortunately in society today, many elders are reporting that they are experiencing forms of abuse and/or neglect. Some elders have reported that they did not recognize that the way they were being treated was abusive, until they learned about the various types of elder abuse. Additionally, those that do recognize the abuse, do not always know where to turn for help. Many elders have reported feeling helpless to stop the abuse, or that they have to tolerate it, in order to continue to live in their homes, or to get the support they need to get to medical appointments or to the grocery store.

This workshop focuses on:

  1.  Identifying the many types of abuse and neglect that elders may experience
  2. Empowering everyone to take action (in a safe manner) when they see/hear of abuse
  3. Offer options for supports/safety to help those that experience the abuse
  4. Provide hope to elders, that they do not need to remain in abusive situations

By training elders and the community at large, we are hoping to raise awareness of this serious issue, and to help decrease it's prevalence through ongoing education and resources.

This free workshop will be presented by staff in the Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Assistance Program of St. Peter's Heath Partners.

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