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American Creed: Book Discussion
Main Library

Tuesday, May 21, 6PM
or call 518-274-7071.

The final session of our American Creed program is a discussion of the book entitled Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations by Amy Chua. This text was chosen because it addresses many of the same issues examined in the film, “American Creed.” Publisher Penguin Press describes the book as examining how “in America today every group feels threatened: whites and blacks, Latinos and Asians, men and women, liberals and conservatives, and so on. There is a pervasive sense of collective persecution and discrimination. On the left, this has given rise to increasingly radical and exclusionary rhetoric of privilege and cultural appropriation. On the right, it has fueled a disturbing rise in xenophobia and white nationalism.

In characteristically persuasive style, Amy Chua argues that America must rediscover a national identity that transcends our political tribes. Enough false slogans of unity, which are just another form of divisiveness. It is time for a more difficult unity that acknowledges the reality of group differences and fights the deep inequities that divide us.”

Copies of the book are available at the check out desk.

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