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American Creed: Panel Discussion
Main Library

Monday, Apr. 22, 6PM
or call 518-274-7071.
As a follow up to our screening of the PBS Documentary, American Creed, the library is hosting a panel discussion of some of the topics touched on in the follow-up to the screening.  Members of our local government from both sides of the aisle, as well as leaders from civic, military and nonprofit organizations, will constitute the panel, hoping to bring as many different points of view as possible to the table. Each participant will address the topics discussed in the post-screening event. Questions concerning their views on who gets to define the “American Creed,” what does it mean to be an American, what role does education and economic opportunity play in people’s perception of their own access to the “American Dream,” and how do we begin to make a difference in our own communities to make all members feel engaged and respected.  Focusing on how we bring about change in our present climate
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