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The Artemis Program:
The Artemis Program: NASA’s Return to the Moon
Online - Zoom

Tuesday, Apr. 13, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
or call 860-258-7623.
Come learn about one of NASA's latest cutting edge projects: The Artemis Program! Featuring special guest speaker Patricia Moore, NASA Communications Strategist. Patricia will discuss NASA's progress on Artemis and their plan to put the first woman on the moon by 2024. In just 4 years, NASA plans to create sustainable lunar exploration using awesome new technology and robots, like the Orion spacecraft, lunar terrain vehicles, and new power systems as part of a new Base Camp on the moon. Come hear how this awesome new NASA program will lead to an even more ambitious project: Mars.

This talk will be held on Zoom and is intended for families with children ages 8 and up, and adults. Registration is required to receive the Zoom ID.
Sponsored by Cora J. Belen Library and NASA.
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