Cascada de Flores
Manteca Branch Library

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 3:30 p.m.
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Cascada de Flores. El Brujo y la Sirena (the Wizard and the Mermaid) is a musical story about music and the sea, where a mermaid lives singing through the waters of the Americas. One day, a nice and funny wizard hears the mermaid’s song, for the first time ever, and seeing that he doesn't have it in his magic books, decides to go look for her.

Everything is possible with magic words, and the help of the wise creatures of the sea. With el Brujo and Cascada de Flores, you will discover, sing, and dance with the music of several Latin American countries with their various rhythms, languages, and of course, a lot of different kinds of guitars!
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