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Junior Gardeners
Junior Gardeners
Cesar Chavez Central Library

Thursday, Jan. 23, 4:00 p.m.
Explore the wonderful world of seeds and plants through hands-on activities. Caregivers come with your children to cultivate a love of gardening and an appreciation for the environment. Presented by Patty Lovato of the Stockton-San Joaquin County Seed Lending Library. Fun for ages 6 and up.

9/26/2019 - “These Seeds Are For The Birds! And For People!”
Observe, illustrate, and describe sunflowers and their seeds.  And, of course, taste the seeds.

12/26/2019 - They Grow, They Rot, They Live, They Grow
Learn about the cycle of living soil by making compost in 2-liter drink bottles. Explore and use dirt, rotting vegetables, and live worms to make compost. Then take it home to grow your very own plants with seeds from the Seed Library.  

1/23/2020 - Would you eat a stem? Would you eat a flower? Would you eat a root?
Explore plant parts, their functions as these parts of the plants and discover whether or not you would eat a stem, a flower or a root.

2/27/2020 - Seedy Characters
Examine, classify, illustrate and dissect seeds. Learn about what is inside seeds, where the future plant is protected.

3/26/2020 - Take Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Plant summer vegetable seeds in pots. Take them home to nurture until they are plants large enough to plant in a garden or container for yummy summer eating.

4/23/2020 - Ready, Aim, Throw!
Make seed bombs: flower seeds mixed into dirt and clay powder, formed into small balls. They are made only to be thrown in yards or spaces in which you have permission to throw them.

5/28/2020 - Not Creepy, Crawly Creatures 
Learn about the bodies, food, homes, habits of  helpful insects and spiders in our gardens.
Sponsored by Stockton San Joaquin County Seed Lending Library.

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