The Princess Bride:
The Princess Bride: Interactive Movie
Chillicothe Public Library District

Thursday, Sep. 29, 5:45 pm
or call 309-274-2719.
In celebration of the 35th anniversary of The Princess Bride, you're invited to bring your family and friends and join us as we share a timeless classic in a new way. You’ll rhyme with Fezzik, announce your vengeful intentions along with Inigo, express your love with Westley, and interrupt the story to make sure this isn’t a “kissing book.” We’ll have props and interactive scripts to make things even more entertaining.
Fans are encouraged to dress as a character—we'll crown the best-dressed.
Have fun storming the castle!
Register by Sept. 24.

Registration for prop kits is closed, but anyone is welcome to come watch the movie and chime in with the bits that don't require props (we'll provide a script so you know what to do). You can also assemble and bring your own prop kit using the supply list below. And consider wearing a costume inspired by the movie: we'll crown the best-dressed!
Prop Kit:
popsicle stick
bubble wrap
circus peanut
malt ball
sour patch kid
juice box
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