@Mason A Universe of
@Mason A Universe of Authors & Illustrators Series: Rob Dunlavey
Mason Library

Saturday, Jul. 6, 1:30-2:30pm
Meet illustrator Rob Dunlavey and make an owl craft to take home!

Rob Dunlavey creator of "Owl Sees Owl," "Over in the Wetlands: A Hurricane-on-the-Bayou Story," "The Dandelion's Tale," and more. In 2016, “Owl Sees Owl” was awarded the Bull-Bransom Award by the National Museum of Wildlife Art for the best illustrated children’s nature book.

At various times, Rob has been employed as a dishwasher, graphic designer, cartographer, art teacher, archaeologist, botanist, photographer and naturalist. He volunteers at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he conducts tours for visitors with vision-related and cognitive and behavioral disabilities.

Rob is married and has two daughters and two cats —but no owls.
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