Watercolor Galaxies
Watercolor Galaxies for Beginners
Haworth Municipal Library

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 7:00 p.m.

Learn basic watercolor techniques and paint your own watercolor galaxies.

Supply List 

  1. Watercolor Paper Pad, 9” by 12” – at least 140 lb. in weight, one of these options*:
  2. Watercolor paint set with brush. The pan lids will double as our palettes for mixing (you could also use a white ceramic/plastic surface for mixing colors). You will need one of these options*:
  3. For the stars, you could use the “white” color if it’s included in your watercolor pan set. Else, you could use a white gel pen or white acrylic/gouache paint. Here are a few options (choose only one):
  4. Pencil & eraser
  5. A jar with clean water
  6. Paper Towels
  7. Something circular to trace a circle – bowl, small lid, or stencil
  8. Masking tape, washi tape or painter’s tape (optional)
You can also find the list of supplies here: https://thepaisleycorner.com/watercolor-galaxies-supply-list/
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