What’s It Wort
What’s It Worth- Virtual Program

Monday, Feb. 22, 1:30pm
Mike Ivankovich is back with the very popular "What Its Worth" program.  Mike will introduce you to “What Determines Value"…and reveal what your Antiques, Collectibles, and Personal Treasures are really worth today.  Mike will begin with a 20-minute discussion on “10 Factors That Will Always Impact the Value of Your Treasures”. He will then immediately transition to the appraisal portion of the program, evaluating each attendee’s treasures, one-by-one. Proper camera positioning will be important because if Mike can’t see the item, he won’t be able to appraise it. Since he can’t actually see the item in person, he’ll probably ask a few questions about markings, condition, etc. Participants should have one back-up item for Mike to appraise. That way if he can’t virtually appraise the primary item, he can appraise the back-up item. We’ve seen that a Virtual Background can distort how an item looks so we will ask that Virtual Backgrounds be turned off when showing their items.

This program will be held via Zoom.  You will receive Zoom instructions and online meeting information in your registration confirmation email in addition to a reminder email prior to the date of the program. 
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