NJ Invasive Species
NJ Invasive Species Strike Team
39 Keep Street

Monday, Jun. 8, 7p.m.
The Strike Team is most known for their work in eradicating invasive species for the protection and conservation of rare species, including plants and wildlife. Join us as we hear from Dr Michael Van Clef, Friend of Hopewell Valley Open Space Stewardship Director, and Director of the Invasive Species Strike Team Program, discuss the problems that invasives cause in the ecosystem and their impacts in natural areas. He will also show ways to identify and control invasive species, including using the iNaturalist phone app to record and store data. Creation of stewardship plans designed to most effectively and efficiently treat invasive species to protect biodiversity will be discussed as well.

Dr. Van Clef co-founded the Strike Team in 2008 with the goal of bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to invasive species management. 
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