The Beatles: From Li
The Beatles: From Liverpool to Abbey Road
39 Keep Street

Tuesday, May. 12, 7:00pm (Tuesdays, April 28, May 5, 12, 19 and 26, 7p.m.)
Madison Public Library and The Adult School are pleased to have speaker Vincent Bruno for a special lecture series on the Beatles, the legendary rock group that transformed opoular music and became one of themost popular bands of all times. This series of lectures will focus on: The Making of Sgt. Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album, Let it Be and Abbey Road. Vincent will also discuss the solo years of the band members. 

This is a series so please plan on attending all the lectures; not just one. You will just register once for all 5 sessions. 
Session dates: 5 Tuesdays, 7-9p.m., April 28-May 26
Sponsored by Madison Public Library and The Adult School.
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