Peacock Surprise (ag
Peacock Surprise (ages 2-5) Reg. Required
39 Keep Street

Monday, Jul. 1, 10:30 am
Behold the peacock with its iridescent feathers and hue; graceful dancers, they are sure to mesmerize you.

Learn to draw a peacock, and decorate it too; a painting as grand as the peacock you will create, that’s true!

Narrated by my grandmother this interactive story never failed to fill us with excitement as children especially because it ended in a beautiful peacock illustration. Learn to draw a peacock and decorate it with craft materials from India. Use pretty gold and silver laces, special blue and green ribbons, flowers, and jewels to make your picture look as magnificent as the grand peacock himself. So join us to learn about the national bird of India and see how the peacock motif is used in Indian arts and crafts!

Sponsored by Friends of the Madison Public Library.
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