Tea and Cupcake Tast
Tea and Cupcake Tasting with Marjorie Wang
39 Keep Street

Monday, Jul. 22, 7:00pm
By popular demand, we are thrilled to have Marjorie Wang return to the Madison Library once again to talk about tea! This time, we are in for a sweet treat along with the tea - cupcakes!

Marjorie will be teaming up with a baker who specializes in cupcakes.  Marjorie will be coordinating with Fred to develop the cupcake pairings. At the moment, they are anticipating a green tea paired with a lemon ginger cupcake, an oolong with an espresso chocolate, and a red tea with a blackberry cupcake. This is subject to change. But, whatever, the pairings, we can guarantee that you won't be disappointed! 

Register early as this will definitely fill up fast! 
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