My Friend Chief Mini
My Friend Chief Miniature Horse Visit (ages 4-10) Registration Req’d
39 Keep Street

Thursday, Jun. 27, 4:00 pm
Meet a miniature horse and learn about theray horses and how they help people.

Michelangelo the miniature horse is bored. He wants to hear the story of his friend Chief, a full-sized Appaloosa who lives at Hope's Promise Farm with him.  His "Mom", author Maureen Coultas, tells him about her first horse Chief and how he came to be a therapeutic riding horse who helps many different individuals with special needs learn how to ride.  Our second book, My Friend Chief, The Story of a Therapeutic Riding Horse has both beautiful photos and story for anyone who ever had a dream and/or loves horses.  The book is also a wonderful teaching tool for those who want to learn about therapeutic horseback riding."
Sponsored by Friends of the Madison Public Library.
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