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KRISTIN KRAUSE NAM author of Last Voyage of the Hornet to give book talk
Freeport Community Library
Monday, Apr. 10, 6:30PM
Author Kristin Krause Nam's recently released book Last Voyage of the Hornet tells the true story of Freeport native Captain Josiah Mitchell whose ship, the Hornet, burned in the Pacific in 1866. After the first mate accidentally sets fire to the ship, thirty-one men must flee in three small boats with only three day’s rations. The crewmen must contend with the natural world in the form of enormous waves, swordfish, and a tornado. As resources dwindle they increasingly contend with each other as well. There is talk of mutiny, murder, and even cannibalism.

Over the course of their adventure, they drift an astonishing 4300 miles - a feat that rivals the better known stories of Captain Bligh or the whale ship Essex. When they finally reach safety, they meet an ambitious, but frustrated young reporter named Samuel Clemens who recognizes this story as the break he needs. He writes up the tale and finds the fame he seeks as Mark Twain. Based on the diaries of Captain Mitchell and two passengers, Last Voyage of the Hornet is a tale of leadership, courage, and the refusal to surrender.

The library invites the public to attend this fascinating book talk free of charge.  Community Meeting Room doors will open at 6pm.
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