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Coalition on Homeles
Friday, Oct. 9, 10am

Unfortunately, the number of community members who are experiencing homelessness is on the rise.

This issue touches all areas of our community - our churches, schools, government agencies, mental health institutions, shelters, our library, hospital and the health of the whole community. 

In response, the Texas Homelessness Network, the San Marcos Public Library, and the HOME Center of Central Texas are hosting a community workshop for a “Coalition on Homelessness”.

With the aim of mapping available assets, we will come together to create friendships, network, and evaluate available services.

You will be sent a Zoom link to the online event after registration.

You can expect interactive education as we discuss how we can better work together to combat homelessness.


Sunday, Oct. 4, 3:00-5:00
We'll be doing "socially distanced" collage for adults on the front porch of the library.
Materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring any collage materials you want to use as well.
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