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Thompson Public Library
Thursday, Mar. 11, 7pm
or call 860-923-9779.
A Thompson Historical Society presentation by Joseph Iamartino, hosted by The Thompson Public Library.
A refugee White Russian soldier, Anastase Vonsiatsky, married Marion Ream Stephens, a divorced heiress twice his age. New information has come to light about this fascinating Thompson couple that partially explains Vonsiatsky’s actions in the context of the 1920s and 1930s pre-WWII period. ‘Count’ Vonsiatsky was the subject of FBI espionage investigations prior to and during WWII and was convicted for his activities shortly after America entered the war. Exactly what were his motives? In a book he released shortly before his death, Anastase revealed his inner-most thoughts that helped researchers make sense of his life. For her part, Mrs. Vonsiatsky was a suffragette, and a powerful political force, engaging in activities vastly different than one might suppose a wealthy heiress would choose. A rebel with a cause, Marion, after receiving her inheritance, became a nurse and traveled to France to help the wounded soldiers. We will explore the couple the media loved to torment and reveal information that will show them to be far from the selfish newspaper personalities they were made out to be. Sponsored by Thompson Historical Society and the Thompson Public Library.
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