Williamsville Public Library and Museum

Library Events

Join us for upcoming events at Williamsville Public Library and Museum! Registration required where noted due to limits on space or materials. All events are free to the public thanks to grants and the generous support of our donors.
 Limit by audience:
Thursday, May 30, Until 9:00pm
WPLM will be open until 9pm for students studying for finals.  FREE snacks, water, and coffee will be available.  Students can print up to 10 pages for free.  As always free wi-fi will be available.  Students can study individually or in groups.  The study room and multi-purpose room will be available as well as the fireplace area, booth, and extra tables throughout the library and museum.
Thursday, Jun. 6, 6:30-8:00pm
This summer's theme is "It's Showtime at Your Library".  We'll kick off the summer with a special night of games and activities on Thursday, June 6, from 6:30-8:00pm.  Movies will be shown every Monday at 1:00pm in the multi-purpose room and snacks will be provided (June 10 through July 8).  Drop in activities and games will change each week.  So you will be able to find something to do whenever you have time to visit WPLM.  Additional events will be planned as well.  Although everything will be free some special events will require registration due to limited space.  Follow WPLM on Facebook to be one of the first to hear about upcoming events and for program reminders!  Look for Summer Travel Kits to return as well.
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