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Children Art Enrichm
Frankfort Community Public Library - Adult
Saturday, Mar. 10, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
or call 765-654-8746.
 Scratch-foam boards are very easy to work with. Pressing the foam with tools, such as a pencil, compresses it, enabling you to create a design. It is the uncompressed/raised parts which the ink will adhere to, and print onto paper. To make a design, you can work directly on the foam sheet, or sketch out a few ideas on paper first. Keep in mind the design will print in reverse. 
You can create multiple prints on just from one foam board.  No one print will be the same.  In this class you will get one mat board to frame a print of your choice.  This class is free.  Space is limited.  By signing up for this class you are making a committment to attend.  If you can't attend, please remove yourself from the list to make room for those on the wait list.  This class is recommended for ages 6-12, for possible exceptions contact Jamie at or call the library 765-654-8746.

This class is taught by the talented Christina Hollering.  She is our featured artist for the month of March and will be showing her pieces on our gallery.  
Children’s Art
Frankfort Community Public Library - Adult
Saturday, Apr. 14, 10 a.m.
or call 765-654-8746.
In this class you will be creating Fizzing Bath Dough, Magnetic Slime and Galaxy Play Dough.  Each participant will be taking home a sample of the Fizzing Bath Dough and the Galaxy Play Dough.  This class is free and recommended for children 6-13. Space is limited and by signing up you are committing to participate in the class.  If you are unable to attend please call the library so that we can remove your name from the list.  There is often times a wait list, this will allow those on the list a chance to be a part of the class.  We buy supplies according to the number signed up.  

The instructor for the class is Jamie Anderson.  Jamie has a Bachelor of Art Degree from DePauw University.  Jamie has been with the Frankfort library for over 7 years and is now the Hubbard Center for Lifelong Learning Coordinator.
Frankfort Community Public Library - Adult
Saturday, May. 19, 10 a.m.
or call 765-654-8746.

Decorate and take home your very own art journal.  In this class you will also learn some tips on starting your art journal and keeping it up.  This class is free and recommended for ages 6-13.  
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