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Upcoming Event at Jacob Edwards Library
Author Priscilla Gimas - Lights That Never Dim
Jacob Edwards Library
Wednesday, Jul. 18, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Local author Priscilla Gimas will present her book, "Lights that Never Dim,' published in April.

Dr. Priscilla C. Gimas is a seasoned educator with extensive teaching and administrative experience. She has many achievements and has enjoyed many successes with her students. One of Priscilla’s proudest achievements was her doctorate in educational leadership. Her dissertation examined how, and if, graduate programs prepared administrators to make decisions ethically. Dr. Gimas has also presented papers discussing the relationship between knowledge of self and ethical values.

Gimas's memoir addresses ethical questions. 'Everyone reading this book has experienced wrongdoings of some type in their life, whether on a personal or professional level or both. The question we all need to ask ourselves is whether we can uphold our personal moral values in the light of adversity and whether we want to face the consequences. Although this may sound like an easy choice to some, it isn't.'