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Upcoming Event at Monona Public Library
Paws and Pages: Read with a Dog
Story Room
Monday, Apr. 16, 4:30pm
Register Online or call 608-222-6127.
The Monona Library "Read with Me" program is for beginning and independent readers. Independent readers may register to read for 20 minutes to a specially trained Reading Education Assistance Dog. Our Read with a Dog teams are volunteers. Rarely, emergencies do occur. Please call ahead to confirm your appointment.
 Improve your reading skills and make a new friend by reading aloud to a therapy dog. For the child, the reading is about the dog. No pressure. No embarrassment. No humiliation. Animals are ideal reading companions because they:
  • help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure
  • listen attentively
  • do not judge, criticize, or laugh
  • allow children to read at their own pace
  • are less intimidating than parents or peers
Results are Significant
Children who participate in the Read with a Dog program make enormous strides in reading ability with measurable increases in vocabulary, comprehension, and general fluency as a reader. This increase in reading ability goes hand in hand with an improvement in communication skills which in turn foster self-esteem, confidence, and enhanced social skills.

"Therapy animals are scrupulously clean and well-groomed before each sesson, which helps.  Many therapy dogs are treated with a dander remover product and body deodorizer before they volunteer.  If a child suffers from severe allergies or asthma, reading with a dog might not be appropriate or enjoyable."