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OCTOBER 4, 2009
Just finished reading...

      The Magicians by Lev Grossman.  If you are an adult who found yourself surfing the internet  looking for Harry Potter podcasts, and re-reading Rowling's blockbuster series trying to ferret out clues to Book 7, then you might enjoy this book. Grossman has taken bits of Hogwarts, a generous dose of Narnia, and a touch of Middle- Earth and created his own feast of fantasy. Quentin Coldwater , a smart, bored, high school junior finds himself suddenly transported to the place of his dreams-Brakebills College of Magical Pedagogy. Grossman's unique take on a school for magicians/wizards is certainly engaging, but we are also captivated by his cast of characters. His lovable anti-hero Q, flamboyant Eliot, shy Alice, and comic Josh rival Harry and his friends. This book is not only a real jolt to the imagination, but in the tradition of good fantasy novelists, it also manages to bring us back  to real life problems and issues in our own world.    

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