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New and Noteworthy Children's Titles!
OCTOBER 29, 2010
A Great Seasonal Read!



The Year Money Grew on Trees 


Aaron Hawkins 



     You can easily change the setting of this story from New Mexico to our very own orchard abundant quiet corner.  The Year Money Grew on Trees is a romantic coming of age story about a thirteen year old boy, Jackson, who has an opportunity of a lifetime to take over an abandoned orchard.  If he works hard enough and can convince his sisters and cousins to be his crew, the orchard could someday be his.  The only problem is Jackson doesn’t know the first thing about growing apples or the work involved in tending an orchard.  What I wouldn’t give to be thirteen again working along side Jackson who seems to have as much to prove to his father as he does to himself.  This story did make me feel an emotion I wasn’t expecting, guilt.  Guilt over not attending my own apple trees with the determination, care and hard work Jackson tended his.  This story even taught me some tricks of the trade I intend on using starting this February.  Although this book can be found in the new Junior Fiction section at your local library, it is a wonderful read for children and adults.  It’s a fantastic book which made me appreciate even more the apples I picked and the pie I baked as well as inspiring me to work harder and do better for the nature I tend. 


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