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Adventures of the Mice of Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem

This book depicts two delightful tales of the Lord and Lady Woodmouse family which includes their young, daughter mouse known as Primrose.  As all the little mice of Brambly Hedge are preparing for winter by collecting from the delicious seeds, nuts and berries in the autumn woods of Brambly Hedge, Primrose gets separated from her parents.  A big storm is approaching.  Primrose is brave and her survival skills help her take care of herself until the mouse search party can locate Primrose.
In the second adventure, Primrose sets sail with another mouse family to visit the mice that live by the sea.  The mice from Brambly Hedge need sea salt to preserve their harvest for winter.  Primrose has never seen the sea.  She is captivated by the life of the mice families that live by the sea and thoroughly enjoys her adventures.  The vivid illustrations put the reader into the fantasy life of the mice families and their castles.  This book is most suitable reading as a read aloud for preschool children and for those readers in Kindergarten through second grade.

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