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AUGUST 3, 2011
The PS Brothers by Maribeth Boelts

Two sixth grade boys, Russell and Shawn, are close friends and even call themselves "brothers."  They both want a pet dog badly.  They think a dog might protect them from bullies and being picked on in the community.  Russ spends most of his time at the library reading and dreaming about owning a dog.
Shawn lives in a typical family with six brothers.  Russ lives in the backyard of a pop-up camper at his Uncle Cory's house ever since his mother died and his father had "legal" problems.  The boys went to look at a puppy for sale at a rather strange, very strange, house as it turns out to be.
As the boys look at the cost of a new puppy, it becomes apparent that they will have to raise the money themselves to purchase a puppy.  The issue now  becomes how to earn the money.  Shawn had recently purchased a "pooper scooper" in hopes of use with his own dog some day.  That gave the boys an idea.  They decided to create a business of cleaning up after people's dogs outside in their yards.  The boys decide to name their business The PS Brothers.
While making payments on a puppy from that strange house, Russ and Shawn uncover an unexpected illegal situation.  It gets more interesting at this point.  Read to find out what is uncovered and how it is resolved.  Mystery, humor, friendship and personal struggles are all in this story most appropriate for boys (girls would find interesting, too) in grades 1-3.

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