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AUGUST 24, 2010
Moonrunner by Mark Thomason
Trying to adjust to a new country (1890's Australia), and also to leaving behind in Montana not only his horse but also his best friends and baseball team, while also being bullied by four boys in his new school - Casey knows stress almost beyond endurance.  And then a wonderful thing happens; he spots the horse of his dreams shepherding a band of brumbies (mustangs).  In his mind he names the blue-black horse Moonrunner and senses that in future their destinies will be intertwined.  As time passes, he is able to earn a new horse for himself, resolves his disagreement with his father regarding trapping, and realizes that a lack of resources means sacrifices on the part of each member of the family.  Moonrunner plays a part in his growing up.  Readers in grades four through six who have experienced similar circumstances will appreciate and identify with Casey's developing maturity.

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