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JANUARY 24, 2007
Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo
Mercy Watson is quite a girl! Well, she isn't actually a girl, not a human girl, she is a pig! Mr. and Mrs. Watson, her owners, like to refer to Mercy as a "porcine wonder!" Mercy is quite a wonder, especially as she can capture criminals and alert fire fighters to an emergency. Mery also is a fan of toast, with lots and lots of butter on it. It is her favorite food. In this story of "Mercy Watson to the Rescue," Mercy, Mrs. Watson, and Mr. Watson are all sleeping in bed, when they hear the floor moan and groan, and feel the bed falling. Mercy wakes up thinking of toast. As she can not make toast, she goes out the door and to the neighbors, where she can smell sugar cookies. The elderly neighbors, Eugenia and "Baby" Lincoln are amazed that they have a pig in their house. Eugenia immediately calls the fire deparment. As the fire department come to the aid of the Watsons and the falling bed, everyone congratulates Mercy and gives her lots of buttered toast! This is a delightful series that will be sure to please some of our younger beginning chapter book readers. These books are written by an award-winning author, and boys and girls alike will delight in Mercy's adventures. These books are also very nicely illustrated. Children who like this story will also like "Mercy Watson Fights Crime." Recommended for children in grades Kindergarten through second grade.

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Miss Jennifer said, on Jan. 27 at 1:49PM
Miss DiCamillo's latest book about Mercy Watson, "Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride" just won the Theodore Seuss Geisel Beginning Reader Honor Award announced on January 22nd!

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