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JANUARY 3, 2007
The Power of UN by Nancy Etchemendy
This is a science fiction story about middle schooler Gib Finney who has just had the worst day of his life. He has been in fights with schoolmates, his science experiment went poorly, and his sister’s babysitter has canceled requiring he and his best friend Ash to take her with them to the carnival that night. He is given an “Unner” that evening by a strange man who looks like he might be from the future. An Unner is used to do things over…like if you make a horrible mistake, it can be undone by the Unner and the user is given the chance to redo it...just like on a computer. But Gib is given very little instruction on how to use the strange device and only knows that it is very important that he take it with him that night to the carnival. Unfortunately, he drops it in the woods on his way home and it has become too dark for him to find it again. Very well done science fiction that explores more than just time travel. All the details are woven together perfectly to make a believable story. Fast paced and full of emotion and anticipation. The ending is not what you would expect. Middle school readers will enjoy this one.

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