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NOVEMBER 3, 2009
The Magical Ms. Plum by Bonny Becker

Ms. Plum is an unusual teacher in gettering her concepts across to her students.  Every year Ms. Plum believes she has the best class ever.  In Ms. Plum's classroom is a closet.  When she sends a student to get supplies from the closet, out follows something mysterious and intriguing.  From out of this closet followed one student, a black bird who would not stop squawking "pig snout."  Another student had a monkey riding a snowball come behind him as he left the closet.  How do these creatures come out of the closet?  There is magic in this classroom and in the presentation of the teacher.  Each time a creature comes from the closet, a lesson can be learned for the whole class.  Read and find out all the interesting things that come out of this classroom closet.  See for yourself how interesting Ms. Plum's class can be.  This book is a delightful fantasy most suitable for readers in grades 2-4.

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