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OCTOBER 17, 2006
Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day by Gary Paulsen
Ever think you were having a bad day? Molly's day was not going well. She lost her notebook which contained "everything" she needed to live, including her homework. The day is Senior Citizens' Day at Our Lady of Mercy Middle School. Molly has an unusual grandmother, Irene, who is visiting school with Molly for the day. Grandma is really rather "cool" (for a grandma), has good ideas and voices them. However, between losing her notebook and grandma's involvement in Molly's social life, the day gets a little complicated to say the least. This book is a great easy read particularly for girls in the second, third or fourth grade. The author, Gary Paulsen, is known for his books relating to boys. This was a new style for the author to write in which a girl is the main character. I liked quotes from Molly's notebook at the beginning of each chapter. What do you think?

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