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APRIL 15, 2009
The Calder Game by Blue Balliett

This is the third book by this author that involves art. Calder, Tommy, and Petra, now in 7th grade, visit an art exhibit of mobiles by Calder's namesake, Alexander Calder, in their home town of Chicago. The exhibit includes "the Calder Game" that encourages visitors to create their own mobile of objects, symbols, or ideas using five parts. When his father goes to England to attend a conference, Calder joins him and is surprised to find a Calder sculpture displayed in the square next to his bed and breakfast. While he enjoys the sculpture, the villagers do not, because it doesn't fit with the history and tradition of Woodstock. Suddenly, both the Calder sculpture and Calder the boy disappear. Tommy and Petra are called to England because of their love of puzzles and playing with ideas and words. Can the Calder Game help them solve the mysteries and bring Calder home? This is a unique book that will get readers thinking about art in a new way. I plan to use it with my Tween book club this summer so we can play the Calder Game too! Suitable for grades 4-8 and those that enjoy mysteries or thinking about new ideas.

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