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OCTOBER 16, 2006
Mr. Chickee's Funny Money by Christopher Paul Curtis
This is a very funny book! I really enjoyed reading this particular story. Mr. Chickee is a blind man who befriends Steven, the main character in this story. Steven is a 9 year old boy, who likes to help Mr.Chickee. Steven helps Mr. Chickee by going to the grocery store with him. One day, Mr. Chickee says that he needs to leave the Flint area for awhile, and so he gives Steven some money. Steven is reluctant to take it, as his parents have told him not to accept money from anyone. However, Mr. Chickee insists, and Steven takes it. It is an unusual paper bill, that Steven has never seen before. It has a 1 and 15 zeros on it! It turns out that this is a Quadrillon dollar bill!! Steven has never seen this much money before, and neither has his friend, Russell, or Russell's dog Zoopy. This money has a picture of someone who was not a dead president or a signer of the Declaration of Independence. In fact, it is someone of music fame, the master of soul, James Brown. Steven tries to do the right thing and tells his parents about the money. At first, they think he is making all of this up. But then, they realize that he isn't kidding, and so they take him to the Treasury building, where some not so smart Federal agents want to get a hold of this money. Steven, as president of the Future Detectives of Flint, realizes that he is actually smarter than Agent Fondoo, who really wants his hands on the money. Steven, with his Snoopeze 2000, has a few tricks up his sleeve so that the "Feds," will not get the money. How Steven and Russell and Zoopy end up getting rid of the money is pretty funny, and you need to read the story to find out how the Future Detectives of Flint solve the mytery. A very funny story, which had me laughing from beginning to end. A terrific beginning that really captures the reader. A good humorous mystery for kids in grades 3-5, possibly even 6th grade. Just so much fun!

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