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FEBRUARY 2, 2009
Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look

Alvin Ho is afraid of everything.  He particularly has a problem with girls, school, teachers and bridges.  Alvin is from Concord, Massachusetts which is a place known for its brave patriots.  It is a challenge for Alvin to spell the state in which he lives.  Alvin is from a long line of warrior farmers  who did not have a "scaredy" bone in their body.  His ancient grandpas and grandmas in China fought off leopards and tigers in their gardens.  Alvin fights off his litter sister, Anibelly, and mosquitoes at Walden Pond.  Alvin talks just fine at home and on the school bus.  However, at school Alvin does not want to say anything.  It is just too scary.

Alvin does love superheros and he really likes Wonder Woman.  He sees himself as a superhero and calls himself "Firecracker Man"!   Alvin is trying to learn to be a gentleman.  There are many rules to learn to become a gentleman.  Alvin is a work in progress.  Learn more about this funny little character as you read his adventures.  This book has been compared to being a younger version of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  This book is most suitable for readers in the second and third grades.

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