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JANUARY 19, 2009
Hoofbeats: Margret and Flynn by Kathleen Duey

Hoofbeats is a series of books featuring memorable horses and the girls who love and care for them.  In Margret and Flynn, Margret finds an injured horse (who later is named Mr. Flynn) after a tornado has blown through the prairie area where she is staying with her sister in a soddy with the widowed Mrs. Frederiksen.  Possibly because of something in their past or just because they are orphans, Margret's older sister Libby is quick to move on at the first sign of attachment or any indication of suspicion or impending unkindness.  Margret is just the opposite - friendly, outgoing, patient when working with the gradually recovering horse, Mr. Flynn - she wants more than anything to stay where they are where she might possibly win the first place purse at the upcoming Harvest Day race, thus enabling her to purchase Flynn when his owner finally reappears.  This book, set in l875, as well as all the other novels in the Hoofbeats series is a well-written example of historical fiction sure to interest eight through twelve-year-olds who love horses. 

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