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JANUARY 3, 2009
Maybelle Goes to Tea by Katie Speck

Maybelle has to be the cutest little cockroach one can imagine.  As a sequel to the book Maybelle in the Soup, author, Kathie Speck has created a little bug with a big personality.  Maybelle will win your heart as she attempts to stay away from extermination and survive at Number 10 Grand Street, the home of the Peabody's.  Mrs. Peabody has prepared the perfect tea party for her friends.  That is until Maybelle ends up in a cucumber sandwich and (fortunately for her) is discovered!  Maybelle tries to live by three good rules for a cockroach.  She has broken those three rules and finds herself in an adventure she would rather not have experienced.  This book has a little something for all ages.  It will keep everyone laughing and cheering for the survival of Maybelle!  It is a great read aloud for young children through second grade.  It has humor an adult will appreciate.

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