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DECEMBER 18, 2008
Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: Major League Mess-Up

This is one of the many books in the Katie Kazoo series. Katie is a 4th grade girl who has a secret. Her secret is one that makes Katie unhappy. When Katie wishes for something, it actually comes true! You may think this is is a good thing, but unfortunately for Katie, bad things always seem to happen when she wishes for something. For example, Katie has turned into a hamster, her best friend, and even her own dentist! When Katie becomes a particular person or a certain type of animal, something  disasterous happens. In this story, Katie is a big fan of the Cherrydale Porcupines. Her biggest hero is Jim Borden. Jim came and spoke to Katie's class when she was in 2nd grade. Now, most of the kids in her class are big fans of Mike Reed, the Porcupines current star player. Katie doesn't want to give up her allegiance to Jim, and so she says bad things about Mike Reed. At one point during the ball game, Katie says something that makes Mike upset. Then, all of sudden, Katie feels the tornado like wind, and she becomes Mike Reed! Life is a whole lot different through Mike's eyes. In the end, Katie realizes how hard both Mike and Jim work to be good baseball players. She learns a lesson that everyone needs a little help from their friends. After reading this book, children will enjoy reading other books in this series. Recommended for children in grades 2-4.

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