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OCTOBER 23, 2008
Mrs. Patty is Batty by Dan Gutman Weird School Series # 13

The kids at Ella Mentry School are getting ready for Halloween. Everyone comes to school in their costumes, including Mrs. Patty, the school secretary. Mrs. Patty just LOVES Halloween. She is dressed up as witch. Some kids say she really IS a witch. Every day, she will wear skeleton earrings and decorates her desk in cobwebs and spiders. This doesn't happen just in October,  but everyday throughout the year. Like Mrs. Patty, A.J. also love Halloween. He may not be as batty as Mrs. Patty, but he sure does enjoy getting all of that candy.  This year, A.J. is dressed up as a killer zombie penguin and feels very scary! He intends to get the most candy ever! Mrs. Patty claims that she has the best candy in town, if A.J. and his friends dare to go to her house. And, they need to be aware of the...Halloween monster! Will A.J. and his friends risk their lives to get the best candy ever? Will the Halloween monster be out to scare all the kids? What is really in Mrs. Patty's basement? Is Mrs. Patty REALLY a witch?  Is her husband really a ghost? For the answers to these questions, read this book. Kids will chuckle at the corny humor and will enjoy the other books in the My Weird School series. Recommended for Grades 2-5.


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