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SEPTEMBER 16, 2008
Singing Hands by Delia Rey
Twelve-year-old Gussie Davis is a hearing girl.  Her parents are deaf.  The story takes place in 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Gussie's father is a minister at St. Jude's Church for the Deaf.  Gussie acts a little rebellious and hums out loud during the signing of church songs that everyone is presenting in sign language.  A hearing visitor informs her actions to Gussie's father.  Gussie's parents think it is time to send Gussie to a hearing church.  This begins new adventures for Gussie.

The lifestyle of people who are deaf and family members who are hearing give the reader of the story insights into families that appear to be different.  The word "chapter" is coded in pictures of finger-spelling for each chapter.  A manual finger-spelling chart is included in the front of the book.  This book is most appropriate for boys and girls in grades 4-6.

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